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Garden Storage Ideas and Inspiration

Garden Storage Ideas and Inspiration

Posted by Jaci Cutforth on Jul 23rd 2020

Having suitable garden storage for all your tools is essential whether your outdoor space is used for growing your vegetable garden or a relaxing, styled, outdoor space for you to enjoy your landscape. Buying the correct tools for your garden needs can be expensive. The last thing you want to do is to have them exposed to the elements all year round. 

That doesn't mean your only options are a standard wooden shed. That couldn't be further from the truth when it comes to creative storage ideas for your garden. I've gathered some of the best ideas to meet your garden storage needs big or small!


These days, garden sheds come in a vast array of different sizes and styles based on your needs. From small wooden or hard plastic and metal boxes that hold small tools and garden accessories. To sheds that come with two levels and can double up as a summer house and storage area in one!

If you have wood lying around and want to avoid paying out too much for a shed, then why not look at building a shed with what you have? I know that a lot of you out there are DIYers but I want to encourage those that don't think of themselves as a DIYer, or that think a shed is too difficult. Thre are so many resources out there for simple shed plans that are very doable for a novie! This way you can create something not only unique but also perfectly matched to your garden storage needs.

This storage shed from Dunn Lumber is a nice size. Not too small and not too big. The They have full instructions, supply and cutting list, and lots of pictures!! 

Dunn Lumber garden storage shed

If you just need a little shed and want to add a cute focal point consider and adorable shed from up cycled doors like this beauty from the book "Upcycling Outdoors: 20 Creative Garden Projects From Reclaimed Materials" by Max McMurdo

Max McMurdo' up cycled door storage shed

If you are on a tight budget then you may want to take a look at "How to Build a Practically Free Garden Storage Shed" on Morning Chores.

How to build a practically free storage shed from Morning Chores


Suppose you have some pallets lying around your garden then why not look at using them as part of your garden decor and create a storage space that looks good and is practical too. Hang pallets on your garden walls with the slats horizontally to create a hanging area to keep all your tools handy during gardening sessions. The slats provide excellent hanging storage. Create an eye-catching feature by painting the pallet in a contrasting color to our garden or paint it the same color as the wall for a more discreet area. Use outdoor blackboard paint for a fun way to label where everything hangs on the pallet when not in use.

Here is a super cute pallet storage unit from Our Little Acre.

Pallet garden tool organizer from Our Little Acre

Hidden Storage.
If you are short on space, then double up your garden furniture, so it has duel usage options. Benches with hidden storage areasunderneath are popular options. If you are handy when it comes to DIY why not create your garden storage boxes to add style, character, and functionality to your garden.

This Old House has a nice storage benh with full plans, supply list, cut list, and detailed instructions.

Storage Bench from This Old House

One of my favorite storage benches I have seen is this lovely bench from Jen Woodhouse, a self taught (and fabulous!) carpenter.

Storage Bench from Jen Woodhouse

Cabinets are great ideas to help you create more space in your garden and have somewhere to keep all your tools too. Use them as display stands or add drawers for the perfect storage options. They can be the perfect display case for your plants while the drawers give you the option to store tools and spare parts such as mower blades, so they are kept somewhere safe yet hidden from the elements.

You have more options than you thought didn't you! Which one will you pick? Let me know your thought and ideas in the comment section below.

Happy gardening,

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