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Everything you Need to Know to Start Your Garden

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You want a garden but don't know where to begin. Your thinking it is much too complicated. I'm here to tell you that it's not. You can have a beautiful organic garden this season and reap the benefits there of! This organic gardening guide will lead you every step of the way without unnecessary details that may complicate the process for you. You can get through the book quickly and on to creating your garden!The perfect starting place for any new gardener.

Everything You Need to Know to Start Your Garden
We believe that everyone can have a garden no matter where they live. Included are tips on how to create a unconventional garden such as a container garden or using land that isn't yours. Our passion is to help you obtain healthy nutritious food. You will find our contact information at the back of the book for any questions that you might have. We are committed to helping you establish a productive garden. All the best to you and your garden!This is listing is for a signed copy. For a Kindle/ Ebook version click here.

"As someone who is in their third year of gardening, this book has been a thorough overview covering topics of what I already knew, thought I knew, and areas that I had never given any thought. It purposefully details basic elements of gardening and without being too wordy, covers the areas of troubleshooting common issues as well as explaining great insider information on helping plants flourish. The title is phrased to aim at first time gardeners, but it offers a great base outline for those of us who started out with less information and could use some tips for becoming an ace gardener. Great book!" ~ Carmen N. 
" I  love this book! It would make a fantastic wedding gift or house warming gift. Everyone thinking of gardening should read this very insightfull book." ~Holly 
"We got this book from The Rolling Hills Farm. We have read it many times and use it as a reference while gardening. After moving, we started a garden from scratch & this book proved to be more beneficial than all the online research we did. It really is a one stop reference guide for starting & maintaining a garden of any size. My daughters ages 12 & 10 enjoy reading it as well & are able to easily apply what they read to enhance our gardening experience. We found the garden layout graph examples to be extremely helpful in designing our own garden layout. We highly recommend this book, not only because it is packed with great information, but it is visually very enjoyable to read with colorful pictures, graphs, & charts. Also, the author is easy to get in touch with & she is a wealth of knowledge & a great source for some gardening encouragement." ~ Christine A.